5 common mistakes business make with marketing

Marketing mistakes can cost your business quite a lot in lost revenue and other expenses.

Are you making any of these five common marketing mistakes? If you are, there’s still time to turn things around. Most marketing errors can be avoided with careful planning. 

Assuming you know your customer’s preferences

Customer’s needs change frequently, so you must be listening all the time to make sure you understand what they want from you and also how, where and when they want it

 Communicating too much information

When marketing to your target customer, you should say enough to convey the key message without giving too much away or overwhelming them. The aim is to get them to make contact, so do not give them everything upfront

Focusing on features, not benefits

The consumers need to be informed about how your product will benefit them. It is not just about making revenue, people want to know that they are paying for something that would be of good use or interest to them. If your product can benefit a person’s quality of life or enhance it, it stimulates them to consider purchasing from you.

Not understanding your why

Share your passion about why you are doing this. It is easy to make a connection with your potential clients if you can let this shine through. Your authenticity is a natural way to build trust. Understanding “why you” will set you apart from your competition in a way that cannot be duplicated.

Trying to be everywhere

You cannot sell to everyone! Using too many channels is not always the best thing to do. You need to speed time understand your target customer, where they hang out, what motivates them to buy, how they want to reach you and focus on getting this right. When you learn to focus on a specific group, their interests, trends and buying habits, you will understand just what marketing message to send and from what channel

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