7 tips to build a successful brand

Common mistakes businesses make when building a brand

1. Only sales-focused, making sales is very different to building a business and a brand. When you are focused on sales you’ll do anything to sell your product or service, but, if that is all you focused on, you’ll miss out on building a brand that sells your product tomorrow and beyond

2. Before someone buys your product or service they need to see your brand at least 7 times. You can’t do this well if you are in playing in the same pool all the time – You need to build up where people see your brand so when you launch a new product or service, your brand does the selling for you.

3. Building a brand is a long game (most overnight successes took 5 years) One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is wanting to see instant ROI.

4. It takes 6-12 months to see real gains from establishing a true brand identity. Building a brand and a reputation is a marathon, not a sprint, but when you get it right you will see high ROI

5. Not testing before charging – run tests, find winners and put your time and attention into those.

6. Thinking organic growth is easy – Organic is not dead, but it is a lot harder to do. You need to build an organic growth plan focused on the future and support this with the right paid channels or tactics to spend up the process.

7. Businesses is focused on sales, not growth – Focusing on the costs, not ROI. When you focusing on growing a business without a plan of where you want to go and how you are going to get there, it makes it hard to see past the outgoings and then this pulls you away from the long term plan.

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