The Essentials of Goal Setting

With 2021 in full flow, it’s a good time to discuss the importance of setting good goals. Goal setting is key to any success, business or personal.

There are 2 key parts to setting a goal: –

1) Actually sitting down and planning the goal – this is not meant to be flippant! So many people don’t take the time out to plan for the year ahead.  Setting goals puts us in a good place and gets our head in the game.
2) setting a good goal – now we’re in the game, we need to maximise our chances of success.

The ESSENTIALS to setting a good goal are: –

1) Goals must be written down

Writing down the goal embeds it in our subconscious mind – it makes it real and it becomes a reference point and anchor.

2) Goals need to be SMART

Specific (not vague)
Measurable (so we know when we have succeeded)
Achievable  (don’t set yourself up to fail)
Relevant (something you actually want )
Time phased (deadlines promote action)

3) Goals must be personal
It must be your goal and you must own it. Most good goals begin with “I” – I will achieve sales of £100,000 in 2021.

4) Goals must be Positively Stated
Our brain does not recognise the negative article. When we say “I don’t want chocolate”, my brain just hears “I want chocolate”. But if we say “I want to eat healthy”, our brain will start thinking of all the ways we can eat healthy. Try it when you’re next in the supermarket – it really does work!

5) Goals must be challenging
If it’s not challenging, we won’t be motivated and will just go through the motions.

6) Goals must be in line with your values
If we set a goal we don’t 100% believe in, we won’t give it 100% and we won’t achieve that goal. Looking back, so many of the goals that I’ve not achieved are because these goals didn’t reflect me and my values. It really is vital to have head and heart aligned.

7) Goals must capture your imagination
If our goal doesn’t excite us, are we likely to persevere when the going gets tough? Goals need to capture some fun too.

8) Goals must be reviewed regularly
I find it really beneficial to diary a monthly review of my goals to check that the goals are still relevant and that I am still on track to achieve them.

Why is goal setting important? Imagine yourself older and looking back. What’s the pain from not achieving, and what is the pleasure from having achieved your goals? Effective goal setting helps you stay focused, keeps you accountable and is the single most important aspect of reaching your dreams. 


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