What is a Virtual Marketing Department?

A Virtual Marketing Department is a service that provides experienced marketing guidance at a fraction of the cost of hiring a senior marketing professional. For that matter, it is a fraction of the cost of hiring someone fresh out of university.

A Virtual Marketing Department is a cost-effective way to leverage the most effective marketing strategies, TODAY, NOW, no really, RIGHT NOW. You don’t have to wait for your team to learn new stuff. You can start SMART MARKETING for your business right now.

Most small businesses cannot afford to hire full-time staff for marketing or keep up with current marketing trends. Their owners try to wear all the hats– product development, service, accounting, management, HR, sales, and shipping. Where does marketing fit in there? It can’t. And yet, it must.

Shorting marketing has diminishing returns. Marketing the wrong way does, too. So what should your business do?

Virtual Marketing Department solves these problems, and more. A Virtual Marketing Department can be your entire marketing department or support to your existing team. It can help you achieve greater brand awareness, shorten your sales cycle, prioritise leads, segment your database(s), target your best customers and help you close more deals faster and without all the added cost a full-time in-house marketing department. Flexible. Knowledgeable. Cost-effective.

What are you waiting for?

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