12 week marketing mastermind for business growth

Is marketing confusing to you?

Marketing can be a struggle without a system or plan. VisionUp’s Marketing Essentials coaching program equips you with the necessary basics for your business to ensure your marketing activity has a strong foundation with clarity, creativity and consistency. Allowing you to feel confident in what you are doing and more importantly, why you’re doing it.

Whether you are a new business or an established one looking to redefine or launch a new offering, marketing essentials coaching is the perfect way to set the foundation and create a reliable and credible marketing resource together with sound strategy and brand development that establishes true vision and value for your business and helps you avoid costly marketing mistakes.

How does this coaching work?

With marketing essentials, all our work starts with understanding you and your business before we move on to your customers – who they are, where they are, where they go, their decision making

We will help you think differently, identify and tackle barriers and focus on the right things at the right time to achieve growth. In short – we unlock the potential in your business!

What will do

You will learn foundations of crafting a brand that your dream clients will want to buy from, you will learn marketing strategies to set your offer up for success & we will work together to set your business up for success to scale and expand.

As your coach, I will deliver practical business support, structure, accountability, personalised coaching, and mindset support to help you build a business that reflects who you are and the life you want to live.

During our time together, you’ll receive focused support and guidance that will help you develop the skills, confidence and resilience necessary for building the business and life of your dreams!

What we will cover:

  • Get to know your ideal customer.
  • Identify the opportunities in their problems and aspirations.
  • Becoming clear about who you are and the outcomes you provide.
  • Nailing your positioning and messaging.
  • Create content relevant to your audience.
  • Developing your marketing arsenal
  • Creating a 12-week plan that gives you consistency.

What’s included?

6 x 90 mins coaching calls (via Teams)

Unlimited support via email or via Teams

After 12 weeks you will….

  • Have clarity about your ideal client and how to attract them.
  • Understand all the marketing channels and which ones are best for you and who to build them for success.
  • See the value or worth in the work you do.
  • Have the proper strategies and systems in place to set you up for success.

Get started

I am passionate about helping businesses grow through better marketing
By working with me, I can help you to stop wasting time and money on marketing that just doesn’t work. Allowing you more freedom to focus on the things you do best

This solution is a must for anyone who is struggling to stand out in their marketplace.

The 12 week package is £1500 or 3 instalments of £500

Limited spots are available due to the nature of this program.

Imagine what it would feel like to:

Have a steady stream of your dream clients

Know exactly what to focus on and stop feeling so overwhelmed by everything

Get the marketing support you need and deserve to help over come those hurdles stopping you growing

Streamline your marketing so you do more for less

Understand why your marketing isn’t working and how to fix it

Build a profitable business and charge what your are worth

All this is possible with the right support!

03 Nov 2021

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