Marketing to your friends won’t grow your business

You may not want to hear this but….marketing to your friends won’t grow your business

If you want to take your business to the next level, you have to make the transition from connecting with just your friends/family on social media to connecting and attracting your ideal clients and target market.

You mum may be your biggest fan, but chances are, she is not your ideal client!! But friends and family are always going to behave differently than potential customers.

This is why the average engagement rate for a personal account (with less than 2,000 followers) is around 25%.

Whereas, the average engagement rate for a business, brand or influencer is only 1-3%.

Friends and family will (and should) always support you more so. They will like you content, they will leave goofy/sometimes embarrassing comments and they may even buy from you of occasionally to show their support. However, friends and family are ❌NOT ENOUGH❌ to grow and scale a successful business.

How do you do this?

You need to focus on your ideal client and their wants and needs

You have to position yourself as a resource and authority!

You have to GIVE away valuable tools, information and resources that will allow these complete strangers to get to know your business, to like you, and most importantly to trust you!

You need to be paying attention to what your target market wants to see, more so than what you want to share with them.

Now, when you first start, you’re going to notice that the photos of you, the more personal stuff are going to perform best. They will get more likes, comments, etc. This is SKEWED data. Because your audience is 90% friends and family, they are naturally going to like these types of posts more.

BUT your ideal client (who doesn’t know you at all) isn’t going to care about this personal content (sorry). They want to see things that are relevant to THEM!

This is absolutely key when it comes to generating new leads and growing your customer base (and ultimately your business)!

So let me ask you this, do you know what your ideal client actually wants?

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