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With our Virtual Marketing Manager service, you get adaptable, hands-on and consistent marketing support at a fraction of what it would cost to employ an in-house marketing professional.  You can rest assured we will think, behave and integrate as if we were an employed member of your team.

A Virtual Marketing Manager can look at your entire Marketing Strategy and take on the day-to-day running of all your marketing requirements, or simply pick up tasks that your current in-house marketing team don’t have the time or skills to fulfil.

Our focus and responsibility will be on providing a hands-on resource to deliver your marketing plan to meet your project goals. We’ll scale up and down as need dictates so you have exactly what you need when you need it.

Why you may be interested in a virtual marketing manager

  • You have no marketing resource and need help to kick-start marketing
  • You have some staff, but you have knowledge and skills gaps that need to be filled
  • You have staff on maternity or paternity leave, or are absent for any other reason
  • You have short-term projects needing an injection of resource

Some of the activities we can support you with

  • Developing a marketing strategy and plan
  • Establishing your brand in the market
  • Designing the buyer journey, content and outreach
  • Setting up the marketing channels, process, and tech stack
  • Data management
  • Content writing and asset creation
  • Event creation and management
  • Digital marketing
  • Social media & PR
  • Management of incumbent team, agencies and suppliers

The list isn’t exhaustive so please get in touch if you have a challenge you need to resolve and we’ll be happy to have a no-obligation chat

So where do we begin?

Every business is very different, and your marketing strategy needs to be tailored accordingly.

Whether you are just setting out on your brand’s journey or rethinking your existing marketing strategy, VisionUp can help you plan, research, visualise and implement your marketing goals.

Get a sanity check and jump-start your campaign with a Marketing Review. Get an objective overview of your current marketing activities and see where you could make future improvements.Monthly support packages give you the flexibility to get the marketing services you want – when you need them. Refreshing your branding, need some new sales collateral, someone to organise an event or planning an exhibition? These are the times when you need the experience of a marketing professional
27 Jan 2022

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Creating a strong brand is a lot like building a house. It starts with building a solid brand foundation, or brand strategy. Your brand strategy […]

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